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tv   [untitled]    July 26, 2014 6:30am-7:01am PDT

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strong link between sugary beverages and diabetes and this type of tax. it's ucsf that's the ep center of showing that these impacts will be effective. it is -- the science is not refutable and the beverage industry doesn't dispute the evidence. that's why the entire medical community supports this measure. i want to really associate myself with the remarks president chiu made about it would be better if this happened at a federal or state level. supervisor tang, i will say i agree a thousand percent, but this is a congress that has not passed a budget in about six years, that is incapable of even reauthorizing the highway -- federal highway fund.
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our state legislature has killed this measure repeatedly and could not even move a labeling bill out of committee in the assembly. we have to do what we always have done and lead. >> any final comments? madam clerk call the roll. role. >> kim no, ma i, tang no, wiener i, yee no, breed no, campos i, chiu i, cohen i, farrell i. there is six is and four nos. >> the motion is approved. [applause] >> and with that, colleagues, why don't we go to our 23:30
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special commendation. >> thank you very much mr. president. it is my great honor today to provide accomodation to a very special individual timmy trong. timmy here? [applause] if you could please come up to the podium right there. today it is my great honor to recognize the amazing work and service of an incredible leader and youth advocate. our outgoing director of the san francisco youth commission, sammy trong. arriving in san francisco more than a decade ago to attend san francisco state, sammy came to the youth commission in 2011 after having served as an employment coordinator with the vietnamese youth development center and became the
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commissions director in march of 2013. during rur incredible tenure, she for youth program that is now serving more than 30,000 young people here in san francisco. i know that i in my office had the pleasure of working closely with sammy and the youth commissioners during that campaign and i personally have been so impressed by her dedication, her passion, her tenacity, her leadership. she's also done phenomenal work staffing the employment priorities and helping to launch a highly successful summer jobs program, launched in 2012. this has bng hailed as a national mod dell and is now in its third year. she supported youth
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commissioners and advocates in ensuring that youth of all background could be included in that program, including undocumented youth so we thank you for that. more recently for me, support youth inclusive process for the revision of the children's fund legislation. she worked with these commissioners, these youth and so many advocates and members of the community to ensure the legislation that was put forward truly made an investment in our youth and that whatever decisions were made, that the decisions were informed by young people's experiences and insights and i believe we were successful in making that happen. she understands that effective youth leadership models involve mentor ship. she instituted a dynamic and impactful [inaudible] which is now has been running for three years. she has always taken the time
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that is necessary to have one-on-one with youth commissioners, local youth leaders, with her staff, and with advocates, not only from san francisco, but for other parts of the country. she's known for holding incredibly high standards for youth commissioners and then working with them with her dedication to make sure that they succeed in meeting those standards. and she does this while maintaining a joyful and always friend live office. it's greatly appreciated. unfortunately for us, she'll be moving back to los angeles to be closer to her family. san francisco's loss the truly los angeles's gain and we can all say you'll be sorely missed. i thank you from the bottom of my heart for your leadership, your compassion and the amazing legacy of youth empowerment you
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leave behind her in san francisco. if you change your mind, we'll always be here. thank you very much. i know other colleagues want to say a few words as well supervisor mar. >> thank you. i wanted to thank you so much for working with young people, giving them a voice and helping to empower them. i think i see the chairperson nicholas per sky who was here earlier. just amazing appreciation and respect for your work and helping our young people develop legs and a voice to
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have power in this chamber. i want to thank you for your work in community based organizations, always linking up policy from the bottom up and giving that sense of empowerment to the young people and hopefully they take that on in future careers aez well. we'll miss you. thanks so much. >> think supervisor kim wanted to say something too. >> i think supervisor mar talked about your accomplishments. thank you so much for your service. i think [inaudible] we have it within our four walls, inside city all and that we can come to the youth commission for advice and for recommendation and feedback on policies, but you know, it's really a testament to the history of really strong staff members at the youth commission that makes that possible. folks that are really committed to empowering the voices of young people here in san francisco and you're certainly a part of that len i can't imagine, so thank you for your work and good luck on your next steps. >> i want to say thank you.
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our youth commission is made up of individuals and residents who are going to be in our future leaders and you have been mentoring them, you've been ensuring that they have had an amazing voice in our local community and i know whatever you're going to do you'll continue that fight and i want to thank you as well. supervisor cohen. >> thank you. i feel like we were just in the chamber yesterday welcoming you to the leadership position and now here we are a bittersweet moment to say good-bye. i've enjoyed working with you and admired your leadership style and how you've been able to inspire the young minds to get civicly involved and that's the leadership we need to continue to see being developed in our young people, so thank you. >> thank you. , again, to my colleagues. would you like to say a few words? >> i just -- yeah.
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thank you very, very much, supervisor, and members of the board. i feel so overwhelmed with love and appreciation and i just feel incredibly honored, extremely fortunate to be surrounded by our youth commissioners. it's an amazing body of pourerful individuals and i'm so lucky to have been able to share the past years with them and be around young leaders who are working tirelessly to make their san francisco a place of equity and unity. i know their work could not be done without the support of the board, your work to ensure their voices are heard and your trust in their worth and abilities. thank to the youth organizers who have made it this work so incredibly worth it everyday. thank you for my colleagues who have worked alongside me and for everything they do for our jout and a special thank you to the clerk of the board for her constant support, mentorship
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and belief in me. it is with a heavy heart that i'm leaving, but i know the commission is in good hands. i ask that you ask yourself, what would the youth commission do? and last but not least, my deepest gratitude to our courageous youth commissioner. it has been such a privilege to serve you all. hank you. thank you. [applause] >> thank you. would my colleagues like to take a picture? ?
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[applause] >> okay colleagues, what i'd like to propose is we finish up the items before the 230 special order and move to our 3:00 pm special order. can you call items 36 and 37? >> item 36 is an ord taxable general for the seismic safety loan program in the mayor's
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office of housing in fiscal years 2014, 15. item 37 is a resolution to authorize and direct the sale of a not to exceed amount of 24 million in an aggregate principal amount of obligation bonds safety loan program. >> [inaudible]. >> on items 36 and 37. supervisor kim i, mar i, tang i, wiener i, yee i, breed , i campos i, chiu i, cohen i, farrell i. there is ten is. >> item 38. >> [inaudible] at 400 through 60020th street between the port commission and [inaudible] pier 70 for a term of 66 years to
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commence following board approval. >> colleagues same house same call in this resolution is adopted. item 39. >> item 39 is a resolution to approve a license between the board commission and pacific gas company for the embarcadero project for 50.3 million [inaudible] 26 year option. >> same house same call? this resolution is adopted. next item. >> item 40 is a resolution to approve [inaudible] for approximately 2.3 million. >> same house same call. this resolution is adopted next item. >> item 41 is an ordinance to amend the administrative code to create a cancer presumption for firefighter and police officer disability and death as a result of duty requirement benefits. thank you president chiu. >> president chair, we had a discussion about some science
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and data that have impacted how we think about public policy. this item, and i ask for your support, is also one in which i first learned about scientific evidence of the link between cancer and first responders and frankly, the data, if you have not had a chance to look at it, is stunning. we've had 230 firefighters since the year 2000 who have been impacted by cancer. earlier this year over a three month period we had five firefighters who passed away during a three period. there's a study of 30,000 firefighters around the country that shows sharply elevated learn that the men and women who put their lives on the line have also had to fight to get industrial disability retirement in the face of work caused cancer. the legislation in front of us today we drafted it in order to
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take care of our first responders who are struggling with cancer. the legislation creates a presumption that if cancer is work related, unless there is evidence to the contrary, that a variety of retirement benefits and others would automatically accrue. this is a presumption that would apply when a survivor applies on behalf of a deceased member and it's a standard that exactly mirrors the rebuttal standard in our state workers comp cancer [inaudible] as well as the disability standard for majority of first responders across the state. from my perspective we have to ensure that our first responders if they get cancer due to their work they'll be taken care of to send a mention message to our first responders to we'll do our best to take care of their loved once if this tragedy ever hits. this applies to our firefighters and police
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officers and deputy sheriffs and i think in our city of saint francis we need to protect and support those who take care of us. i want to take a moment who are representing the firefighters and police officers from firefighters local #79s 8, as well as our departments and the retirement system and budget analyst for doing the work it took to move this forward. with that, colleagues, i want to take a moment and thank supervisors breed and wiener and others for their support and ask for your support. >> thank you. i would like to be added a a cosponsor to item # 1. 41. >> thank you. >> supervisor farm. girl. farrell. >> same here. >> i wanted to say one more thank you to the san francisco firefighters cancer prevention foundation, who have worked hard on this to bring to the attention of policymakers and want to thank them and their
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colleagues for their advocacy as well. >> thank you. no other -- supervisor wiener. >> i just want to -- i was happy to cosponsor this and i want to thank president chiu for moving this forward. it's long overdue. our firefighters put themselves in harm's way every day and we recognize that in terms of the fires and emergencies they address, but all too often we've not done enough in terms of longer term health problems that result from the job so this is an important step. >> thank you. with that, colleagues, can we take a role call vote. >> item 41, kim i, mar i, tang i, wiener i, yee i, breed i, campos i, chiu
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i, cohen i, farrell i. there are ten is. >> this ordinance is passed on the first reading. [applause] i'm 42. >> item 42 [inaudible] in the affirmative on behalf of the city as the owner of three par tells of real property over which the board has jurisdiction subject to assessment in the proposed district [inaudible] held on july 29, 2014. >> same house same call in this resolution is adopted. item 43. >> ordinance to amend the building code to establish a procedure for maintaining commercial store fronts, including the imposition of a registration fee. >> supervisor tang. >> first of all, i want to thank cosponsors, supervisor chiu yee and mar on this.
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this legislation really builds upon existing legislation that was started by supervisor chiu to really capture some of the vacant buildings we had in our city. some of which have led to a lot of public safety issues, blight, just to name a few. what our legislation here has intended to do is capture the vacant and abandoned commercial store front buildings that we have noticed have not been included in some of the registries. in 2013 the office of economic and work force development began collecting this vacancy data and 25 neighborhood commercial corridors. they reported about 180 spaces that were vacant and of those, only about 4% were actually included in vacant registry. this is to capture those builds that have a commercial store front on bottom and residential
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unit up top. in our district we have recorded about 50 vacant commercial store fronts and roughly 24 of those, about half one on street alone within district 4. we recognize this can be very problematic and our intent is we don't want to punish the property owners, but want to give them an incentive but give them the opportunity to rent out their spaces. where we can provide additional information to people who are looking for empty spagss to be able to rent out. some of the new requirements is we ask that the vacant store front include the square footage, previous use and contact information so that
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it'll be easier for us to better use our city resources to pay our people who want to look for a tenant or start a business in a vacant store front. with that said, there are certain amendment we're going to be making today on page three, we really wanted the address some of concerns in our committee meelting is that we do provide for an exemption in timing additional time to make any repair work or secure permits such as a in order to give some leeway on the timing that it might take we added amendment that says on page 3, line 16 through 18, unless the department in its sole discretion determines that the owner needs additional time to complete the repair, rehab
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>> colleagues, same house, same call. this item is approved. >> item 46 to the board of appeals for a term ending july 1, 2018. >> same house same call. this motion is approved. item 47. >> item 47 is a motion to appoint steven lee to the entertainment commission term ending july 21, 2018. >> same house, same call. at this time i'd like to go to our 3:00 pm special order regarding the university of mountain neighborhood. could you first call item 72 in order for us to sit as a committee. >> item 72 is a motion to sit public hearing on the urgency ordinance approving an interim zoning moratorium on constitutional changes of use in the university mountain
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neighborhood. >> we first have to pass a motion and order to allow us to sit at this moment. let me ask if there are any members of the public that wish to speak in public comment. this is only about whether we should have a hearing today so if you want to talk about the item itself, we'll have please step up. needs to be to that matter. >> sure. i think if the united states of america from the federal level, state level, [inaudible] every city, if the united states of america, the government does have such wealthy, wealthy, wealthy potential for every
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citizen [inaudible] benefit. america is truly wealthy if it can a allow each citizen [inaudible]. thank you. >> thank you. are there any other members of the public who wish to speak on whether we should sit. if we could take this motion same house same call. without objection, the motion is approved so that we do sit as a committee of a whole and with that, could you call our 3:00 pm special item, items 48 and 49? >> item 48 is a hearing on the urgency ordinance approving an interim by highway 20 on the north, wayland stree on the south, university on the and item 49 is the urgency
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ordinance approving the moratorium. >> this is an item that was brought to us by supervisor campos who i'd like to acknowledge at this time. >> thank you very much mr. president and i'd like to begin by acknowledging some of the residents of the university mound ladies home. i think it's sad we have to entertain this item that's before you today. the university mound ladies home which is located in the portal district, unless something is done by this board and this city, will be closing its doors, would be closing its doors after nearly 130 years providing compassionate senior care for individuals of modest means. on may 8, 2014 the residents of
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this institution were notified the facility would be closing and according to the report from the university mound board of directors, increasing financial pressures have left the facility, in their view, with closure as the only viable option. it is actually very tragic that if this were to happen because this would mean the complete disappearance of this community. the suddenness of this closure has been devastating to residents, their families and to the entire community. the importance of providing affordable and compassionate care for seniors in san francisco could not be understated. it is with great sadness for the loss of this legacy, frustration, lack of transparency, have unfortunately been demonstrated by this board of directors.
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you have with you a letter that i just received that kim d that came to the board of directors, board of supervisors, a letter which doesn't really change anything. the fact is that from the very beginning of understanding and knowing that this facility was facing closure, the city and county of san francisco has stepped up and tried to do everything we can to make sure this constitution remains open. i want to thank mayor lee and his office who have been working with my office and we have gone out of our way to offer the board of directors different way s in which the city can offer assistance so we can avoid eviction and relocation of these vulnerable individuals. i've been shocked that this
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board of directors have rejected and notwithstanding our efforts to help them stay open and function as a long term senior care facility, they have proceeded with closure and continue to stand by the eviction notices, with the idea that they will sell this property and change the use of this facility. as a result of the decision of this board, san francisco has not had an opportunity to review or plan for a change in the use of this facility. the planning code provides for the imposition of interim zoning controls to accomplish several objectives, including the preservation of neighborhoods in areas of
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institutional uses for preserving the contacter of such neighborhoods. and conditions associated with changes to the balance of residential and institutional uses and to preserve the residential neighborhood character by imposing a temporary moratorium on changes to the institutional use. as it stands, the current zoning for the university mound ladies home, which is a residential care facility to anything other than a residential care facility. because this change would wipe out a legacy and alter the character of this neighborhood, i wanted to take the step to make sure that